Manual washer machine was spining fast and then slowing down


Last week my wife complaining that she smell something burn when spining the wet cloths. I though it is the time to replace with the new washer machine after year 2009 we bought it. Beside, she was found there were some water from the spinning basket that maybe come from the washing side of the machine. Today I plan to rectify the problem and maybe something going wrong.

I open the back cover of the washer machine and it look pretty clean from the inside. Nothing stuck in the outflow channel when I flash it with my torchlight. And I plan to open below side of the washer machine to look from underneath.

When I laying down the machine, suddenly got plenty of water splash from inside. I courious where it come out? So, I try to open from upper side. When the screws were take out and the cover was slighly opened, I saw bubble in the spinning side of the machine. And I take away the cover to reach inside of the spinning side. I was find that small cloth was stuck into the outlet hole. Another small cloth was stuck at the middle of motor shaft. And then I try to find other cloth and I was found another small cloth resulting 3 small cloths were found inside.

After that, the machine was assemble back and I try to spin. It shown good result for me. I try to spinning my wet cloth and there were going dry after spin. So, moral of the story, try to find out what is the cause before we replace with the new one. Alhamdullilah, thank to God that I can still using the washer machine maybe a couple of years more InsyaAllah. And, try to use the small cap inside the spinning basket when you are using this type of washer machine to prevent any small cloth cloughing the outlet hole.